May 24, 2016

Cake, cake, cake!

"I don't believe you will ever have a timeline and certainly don't think is something any of your parts are anywhere near even partially."

Our eyes went saucer like, eye brows all the place. So she added, while putting her head to side and trying to seem genuine. "I can only go what I've seen of course."

(are you SURE she isnt on our side? (Yes we are))

We played split. The cold hard confident then head down, glazed eyes and nodding in agreement.

How could she buy this? She obviously saw the look on us when she looked like she had pushed us back we werent trying hard. From what we had seen in sessions and out she and her people had no clue about anything. How could that be?

Then it another level. Most of this was supposed to be repeats, revisions, triggerings of shit with Mother and others. Sessions that often didnt go how she thought it went when it was ongoing and her memory and parts where arranged and controlled afterwards so she didnt even remember what had happened. During meetings with the bosses and associates lots of what she was telling them was utter fiction. Tapes were being faked, brought in, taken out or if we had to deleted or physically destroyed before anyone saw them.

The double agent manipulating Mother after sessions with us and showing us how to do was so worried when he couldnt do it any more because we didnt seem worried, we were glad excited even. Think we saw and heard him weeping because he thought they had lost us and we wanted to tell him so badly it was because we were ready but knew we couldnt so we went off and went to find whatever cage Eazy was in to go and tell him in one of our shared languages that we changed so much no one else could understand a word of.

God it was such a relief when so him a while later and he had seen the work we were doing and was so far from worried and eyes so dark and shiny that we warned him against thinking we could be that though and that amazing all the time then we remembered the way he cried and agreed he and us to could have this moment.

We were pulling lots of the same stuff and working with people to limit the damage done by the man to but it was harder. Every time we came back more of the girls had turned or were saying that had to pretend they had turned against us and were working with him and we would see one day it would be worth. Which of course was obvious crap. He did get them all or get them to get them all.

Enemies on the other sides of the bars are bad but the ones they put in the cages with you and are in the same physical state can be so much more dangerous. We had to stop trying to figure out if there was any warmth left in any of them for us. They were obviously keeping Rebecca a bit alive, a bit aware, having her shown love and healing now and again to give her false hope enough to bring her back to torture us and try and reel us in..

We remember feeling very determined that none of them would have any hand in Mother's death or the final destruction of this hell hole. Survival came down to morale and therefore it was an imperative that none of these bitches had essential role in any stage whatsoever. Except maybe Rebecca depending on what state she would be at the time.

We may of helped set Morag up for credit for some of it. Thats what they did. So we sat in comfort with some lovely feds, trying out some new military grades and drinking some kind of sweet snaptz stuff which grew on us immensely as we watched Morag being congratulated for a mission she knew absolutely nothing about and was very bad for her interests..

The shit people were saying was hysterical. There was definitely quite a few there who were very much in on it. After she left we were reluctantly shooed out into the function knowing at worst we could eat food and cake and turn off our ears when some tool started prattling BS but I dont think we had to turn our ears off at all. Not for those reasons anyway. The percentages in the room of decent battling scarred humans versus evil robot horror stories was very different than to what they had been and reminded us of some of the earliest functions we were at when very little. Really happy.