That, over there is us being remotely interested in anything you have to say.


Streets were littered with corpses and the only thing we knew for certain was we would be back here alone that night with childcare commitments the next day and there was going to be more sessions with Jacqui. We wept hard on the bus back over. Someone police stopped it gave us something to make sure we made it the rest of the way back to the house, hugged us said something we didnt here, we said something we didnt here. Then left us there with the Fife sky and low hills as the bus went on its way.

Phoned the school today and got them to tell Pabs to walk home without us. Can't adult.. We did get him to make us a birthday card last night. He remember the "choo choose" Valentines card from the Simpsons but changed it to "could't choo choose a better mother."..  He is a darling even if it is a nightmare trying to get him to do anything because its a nightmare trying to get us to do anything.

We have ordered a new lounger obvs.. the flowers are much less likely to get watered if we cant sit out there without being in very uncomfortable. This one goes flat to so it will be possible to tan more than one side of me. If we are still here. We maybe would of bought a a bench but its not as essential as the lounger for obvious reasons. "Bench" and comfort don't exactly go to together. Seen some with rose patterns in metal bits that would really take ones eye of the exposed bits of black tarp flapping about between chuckies..It would go in the spot where the sun hits and the evening but its not flat so can be tricky trying to get a seat stable enough so you can eat your pasta and sip your vino without wobbles.. A bench would be more stable though. There's an hanging ornament thing on the way to.. And pizza, an chicken, an ice cream. Course we are drinking rose'.

Kinda wish we hadnt eaten. It just means there is more energy to feel things.


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