May 15, 2016

what now mother?

Christ the nasty come down, Gabapentin withdrawal weird nastiness keeps hanging around. Have the essential now though and are struggling to not cry in relief.. What a state to be in..

Today we've found ourself remembering in more details the looks on peoples faces when we got back after loner ops as a bairn. (also remembered how Mothers' lip would twitch when we started combining the Scottish accent she forced on us and rebel military talk).. Dad there to sometimes.. doing a show and singing just for us. We would drop to our knees when we saw him or have to try really hard not to and usual fail total pieces which is probs why he was there. Not falling to pieces lots just isnt an option so it needs to be done amongst friends..

It was constant war there is no real peace anywhere. There is just lots of silence and that is not that same thing.

28th of March #PaedoBritain and serious twitter stuff or rather major international incidents.. This fucking silence that sits on people like concrete slabs..

Westhill Academy mentalness is coming back now that we have some grounding in physical reality we think. how the hell are they all coping? what systems are they cornered in?.. :-\

Weed not quite getting us to a cooking and eating food thing yet.. christ what a fucking thought..