May 05, 2016

96% or higher

96%?? Dude. Your tests are shit.

Sixteen or seventeen. Thats not what the guy on the phone was saying we just cant remember which is was. A British English Military class accent but it wasnt pure, there was something else in there to. We knew we didnt know him which meant it wasn't already deeply involved.  We were in the flat in Fintry. Later on in our time there. Whatever number he said was the number of individuals whoes DNA samples had been found in the flat who when compared with ours produced very high percentages for a maternal match.

We know there was eggs so that always helps when we here numbers like that. We freaked a little. Then tried to break down what was already in our head.
"Suppose when you add the black girls and white boys together we already into double figers." We were struggling to count the boys, he had to remind us about Pablo. Then we started adding everyone else it was easy enough to get the number. They had been in the flat. Of course we knew who they were.

Friends over the pond had let us get the ones in full time trafficking out and didnt have to leave the other kids that were in the same scenes where they were. Funnily enough we are not comfortable with that. That kind of work is very therapeutic. We recommend it. Basically if your breaking rings that use and train children to be sex slaves your officially have a license to slaughter. Not something the police or populations are very good at getting their heads around. So we end up back here.

He asked us if we thought he was lying. We didnt think so, not much anyway and that he sounded like someone who had done some science for their dubious but very state employer and now needed a shrink. If there was any.

They did let one more of the "Beckys" live. We found her. She's safe.