Morning Daddy,

You are still alive aren't you? I know faking your death is something we have talked about forever and we know that because we will be cut off from half ourselves and all people that we are going to think its real. It's so them "you wont remember about your again until we kill him".. Cunts. Mother and her people have us so conditioned to believe that because of who we are and where we are from we will never be happy and their absolutely never be anything approaching public exposure or justice for anyone involved. The silence and the cover ups of course involves many more people than those involved in the actual physical horrors.

And we would say when we were older that she hadnt planned for us to have any kind of quality childhood and we did at times, the best so why should we believe her on the rest of our life.

There were calls and some in person who wanted us to bare in mind she was part of a massive rich and powerful network but every time all they were doing was handing their name and address to the head of our security. They usually knew how such a person or organisation was involved but sometimes they would have to ask us we and would have to try and remember or figure it out but it usually didnt take very long.

She was after all, at the centre of a lot and most of her skills were in forcing other people to do what she wanted. There were scars where her ability to do work without other people were. Someone told us she agreed to it and wasnt the only one, the did it to stop them feeling so they could focus on the work and not effected by enemy tactics.. It sounded almost to simple that the very thing they did to make themselves invulnerable made their collapse inevitable.
"So basically all the pure evil needs someone who isnt pure evil to do their work."
"Yep. Thats why they will always have you as a slave."
"But dont you see... .."

And if her physical self could be neutralised back in (oh come on we can get the year surely it wasnt that long ago 13' ?) and it was an extremely complex op involving almost if not absolutely all of us internals then its unlikely we left her computers to run along happily. Yes it was her that insisted we were taught code..

Daddy whats going to happen next?

It's a bit cloudier than yesterday and we are quite sore. Wasnt a good night, had to pee about every hour and we really are smoking far too much weed to be dreaming like we are. We are quite scared of what could be in them, we have the in Scotland repression systems still running while the who we actually are systems are opening up like big gruesome daisies fuck knows what could "pop up" during sleep.. :-/

Hopefully staying scared should keep a lid on the worst of it for now.

Gonna make more tea, put some washing on, check the outside temperature and possibly cook a bacon roll.. Its still eating in the a.m but its definitely something we associate with our mom and being out in the hills. God nothing like keeping a child on the move in the hills to make them eat whatever is presented to them..

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