May 22, 2016

I should of never told them they were beautiful

How could help them rape and control and Pablo Jess? How could you not know that was what you are doing?

Very sorry to inconvenience you being present in my own flesh Jess.

Jess wake up..

They have just found someone who looks like him. We know they do that. But it wouldnt be so convincing if he wasnt at least working with them. How can this still be going on I thought he was working with us to stop this. How can this still be going on when she and her base are closest people are gone? Whatever it is we have to fight it because its killing us. No Jacqui its not going to be permanently too much for us because its our brothers and we are so little. If it is him. Even if you did get them all and manage to keep a hold of them without Mother..

Someone dragged him in when more of the network was done. We didnt want to see him we knew exactly how he would be weeping and saying sorry and saying he didnt know. We could tell by the way he was dragged out again that it was about keeping Jess under the heal than trying to get at us. We knew by what our skin did when we looked at him that we had intimate experience of how the guy was an onion of sadism and oppression. The sense that they were faking the whole fucking scene badly made us physically sick once it was over.

"She went to town on the boys."
We couldnt get it out head that she had seen the way we could fill them with pride and had destroyed it. People told us not to blame ourself but we were so little. We couldnt help it. We had lost them. She still had them but we had lost them.