May 06, 2016

dont leave me

"Beyonce give me the baby".
Elaine had let her in. Don't know who let in Elaine maybe Calvin.

Afterwards they did the whole 'your not going to tell' thing we said we wouldnt but knew we would and that we would keep showing people everything whenever we could.

They had turned up months before to take us back into breeding again it would of probably meant death for us but there was a bunch of blokes with us there in the flat so they went away and missed our circle.. The blokes in bomb disposal gear had turned up saying we had asked for the bomb squad.. we said we remember something about asking for "blonde squad" but come on in and keep the gear on.

Someone said it would of been ok they would of got me out even if the black American traffickers had got us back but we werent convinced considering our past and because we felt we were talking to a friend of Scania if not actual Scania..

We knew protecting ourself from Jacqui afterwards was crucial. She didnt pull anything that wasnt highly predictable when she described the murder of the baby and said Beyonce Knowles we didnt hear it. It went straight to stronger places. Her frustration was palpable and that was the sign we had survived the worst from her and could go back to keeping the front consciousness very vague about everything.

Hardly the first time we have witnessed and had to survive something like that. The local police either didnt know, didnt care or were on board and had been told to all go back to being horrible to us after so they were doing that.. It was shortly before we talked to the Jersey inquiry.. when the girls were gone.

Daddy said we would have say what we remember. Lots of people said we should try if we could and not to worry it was most likely to be the last time this time and we arn't going back into breeding no matter what. It would of been Pablo if they got hold of him we clung and cling to that.