May 04, 2016

how do i love thee..

We are trying to count babies, young adults some now. "Getting a girl" was the intention from a some of the rings. Blokes encouraged to feel entitled to this. They would abort the boys. Five or six dark skinned girls music industry biological fathers. Four or five white boys. Male whoes dad was Chinese mafia (or was it Japanese or is that another kid, or another girls life, or something we made up to explain to slavers where we had been so they didnt know we had been safe for a while) only 1 living white girl, only 1 living dark male (Fail)


Thats just our own pregnancies and births.. what about the eggs or when we were used as a surrogate and all the other stuff that goes on like telling a kid who is being abused by their biological parent that a nonabuser is their real parent..

We dont know how close those numbers are to the truth. But we dont think its a million miles away. We arent up for writing down names here we dont think we could manage to remember all the names we gave them or remember when the name was forced on us. But we do have to say sorry to us and to Suzi for saying it was her real name. Of course it is. Its not her only name of course because we all have lots but it is her first name. Unlike the two before her involving the Dream Team we gave birth away from them, somewhere safe where we were allowed to hold her and talk to her. They were really shocked at how well  we cared for her. It kinda bemused us. It was good to have some time without the constant horror to feed and be with her and remember her siblings.